Beyond graphics, I have a desire to build and create with my hands. experimenting with new tools and techniques is immensely fun. This section contains a mix of selected projects and ventures.


FEB. 17, 2013

The retro space gun (top) launched Sept 10, 2012 on Kickstarter and was suscessfully funded with 22 backers. The wild west revolver just launched Feb 13, funding ends on the 22nd of March. Click the image to be linked to the kickstarter page.


May. 20, 2012

made from douglas fir framing lumber, these guys were cut to shape layer by layer using a band saw and rounded out after assimbly with a palm sander.


Dec. 10, 2011

Having found my way into the world of props, I've learned a few tricks of the trade and decided to create a few firearm's soon to be complete with characters and back stories. this revolver was cut and shaped in sections out of MDF or fiberboard and finished in primer. soon I'll mould and cast these in resin so I can work out the paint scheme.


MAR. 13, 2010

Carefully hand crafted, moulded, slip cast, fired, painted, and fired again! I'm thrilled to announce I've found an online home for my hand crafted ceramic pipes. Please visit the link below or click on the image to view the shop.

Click here


NOV. 10, 2009

Wanting to try something new... here's a Day of the Dead Vector Pack! I'm hoping to provide a service to overworked graphic designers, just make sure your boss is paying for it! Depending on the response I get I'll be working more on vector packs of various themes.

eBay link: Day of the Dead


OCTOBER 1, 2008

Cubiozoo is my idea of a learning toy, constructed from poplar this rhino measures 7"x7"x7" when closed as a cube. At this size it makes for interesting home décor and I am currently seeking production as both a toy and décor. I have eight more animal designs standing by.

Visit: to learn more.


OCTOBER 1, 2008This is the first in a series of ceramic pipes I've sculpted, to produce them I've learned the basics of mold making and slip casting. I'm still experimenting with coloring techniques and hope to offer a range of unique and interesting pipes.